The time has come when it will be authentic.



When you come across this page, know that you are about to enter a universe of emotions. Know that you will be surrounded by words that make you feel like yourself. Know that you can come and go whenever you want and feel like it.

The universe that I am going to tell you makes up the life fabric of my own journey. The nature of essence. The origin.

If I talk to you about survival mechanisms, resounding adaptability, resistance, resilience and determination, can you find why I talk to you about this?

Can you read me? Can you read?

The name Lily Brown was inspired by the Lily of the Desert, a plant native to desert regions. This exotic and distinctive flower that blooms in arid conditions, that adapts precisely to the exact amount of moisture in the soil, mirrors a being known to be able to travel through time.

In a delicate dance, where just the necessary portion triggers the flowering of an olfactory art.

Even under the most adverse conditions, life can blossom with surprising beauty.

The time to be authentic, true and natural is in your time. Perfumed emotions are an invitation to reconnect with our authentic selves.

It is a reminder that we are imperfect beings, and it is precisely this authenticity that makes us unique and special.

My essence is a reflection of your own being.

O que são as emoções perfumadas?

São produtos que atravessam as fronteiras do tempo. São obras de arte intemporais, que mantém a sua relevância e apelo estético ao longo dos anos, mesmo que tenham sido criadas há séculos.

Fisicamente é assim que as emoções perfumadas se comportam.

As emoções perfumadas intensificam a identidade de cada pessoa. Proporcionam momentos de autenticidade, intimidade e, ou, partilha.

Foram projetadas para resgatar emoções perdidas ou criar novas experiências emocionais. Em cada viagem sensorial, a fragrância tem o poder de estabelecer conexões profundas e partilhar momentos significativos.

Explore. Ouse.

Conecte. Liberte-se.

Lily Brown

Q&A to the founder, Teresa Mendes

What was the purpose for launching Lily Brown?

For me, buying perfumed products wasn't always easy, either because I didn't feel the fragrance or because I didn't get involved and couldn't carry out the proposed sensory journey.

At LILY BROWN all products have complex fragrances, with many nuances, even with some non-consensual aspects, but that transport me somewhere. I thought that provoking this experience in other people would be challenging and pleasurable, and that they themselves could also rescue and create new memories with my products.

Why these products?

Our home is the space where we are really true and faithful to our essence. We are ourselves and who we want to be. It's a space for inner connection, for disconnecting from work, and that's why it made sense to create products for the home.

What's your favorite product?

Despite having a strong emotional relationship with everyone, right now I'm using Duo Paradise a lot. The combined experience of the two products, the candle and the hand soap, creates a sweet, warm atmosphere with a spicy undertone. For me the translation of moments of pure happiness.